of Montreal | False Priest | A-

by Perri Lerner

Published: September 2010

Psychedelic indie band, Of Montreal, have returned with their 10th full-length studio album, False Priest. The eccentric band has, once again, successfully delivered a combination of psychedelic, funk, disco, and indie. Along with outrageous lyrics, lead singer Kevin Barnes utilizes his signature falsetto to give the album the unique sound the band is known for.

Barnes’s vocal range continues to remain powerful and gives the music an even more dynamic sound. While this album contains elements present in their previous albums, there is still a maturation in their sound which keeps the band fresh ten LPs later.

The presence of synthesizers encourages a feeling of eeriness and uneasiness, but add further dimension to the sound. And Barnes’s ever-impressive ability to harmonize with himself continues to be an exciting part of his music.

The wonderful thing about Barnes’s musical composition is that it is unexpected (vocally, instrumentally, and lyrically) what will come next. The subject matter of his lyrics ranges from surreal and disturbing imagery to teenage lust, and yet he manages to incorporate smooth transitions. It takes you on a journey reminiscent to that of a Peter Max painting.

Special guests Janelle Monáe and Solange Knowles layer on the funk to the tracks Sex Karma, Our Riotous Defects, and Enemy Gene. Their sultry, soulful voices provide the perfect complement to Barnes’s high-pitched vocals.

Overall, this album is an ambitious accomplishment and everything that could be expected from Of Montreal, while still keeping the listener engaged and wondering what is coming next.